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5 Best Additions To Your Morning Drink For Weight Loss

In day-to-day life, weight loss can be tough. It takes effort and commitment, and sometimes it can feel as though your best efforts aren’t giving you the results you want. Thanks to modern science, however, there is more and more evidence supporting the use of supplements to promote weight loss. Adding a supplement to your daily routine may give your body an edge and help you reach your weight goal.

One easy way to make these supplements work for you is to add the powdered form to your morning drink for weight loss. If you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea when you get up, why not use that routine to your advantage.

The best weight loss habits are those that are easy to stick with long-term. Anytime you can add a healthy habit on top of something you already do each day, it’s that much simpler to maintain.

Adding a supplement to your morning drink for weight loss is a smart and sustainable way to improve your health and hit your target weight.

Power Up Your Morning Drink For Weight Loss 

Instead of building weight loss habits from scratch, it’s simpler to piggyback on the parts of your daily routine you already love.

When you tweak your morning drink for weight loss, you get the best of both worlds. Your soothing wake-up ritual plus a little extra boost on your journey to shed those pounds.

These five supplements have proven power to enhance weight loss, and all you have to do is enjoy them in your favorite hot (or cold!) beverage.

MCT Powder

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) powder is derived from MCT oil. Usually extracted from coconut oil, MCT oil is a type of fat that is easy for the body to digest. Just like its name suggests, its structure is medium length, compared to many other types of fat which are long-chain triglycerides.

Because the shorter fats in MCT oil are easy for the body to break down and absorb, it is quickly used for energy and less likely to be stored as fat.

Adding the powdered form of MCT oil to your morning drink for weight loss can help you feel full and satisfied until lunch. People who use MCT oil often end up consuming less food and fewer calories overall.

MCT’s are also linked with:

Powdered MCT oil is tasteless and won’t leave a gritty texture when mixed in your morning drink.

Note: MCT is for Stage 3 only. It should be avoided by those on Stage 1 and 2.

Prebiotic Fiber

The health of the microbiota of your digestive tract plays a critical role in weight loss. When your gut microbiota is healthy and balanced, weight loss may be easier.

Prebiotics are a type of fiber that is used as fuel by the healthy microorganisms in your gut.

Consuming prebiotic fibers can increase the numbers of the beneficial bacteria bifidobacteria and lactobacillus in the large intestineAs the number of healthy bacteria increases, they crowd out the unhealthy bacteria.

A healthy balance in the microbiota may promote weight loss by:

  • Increasing the production of hormones that help you feel full.
  • Improving lipid metabolism.
  • Stabilizing blood sugar.
  • Decreasing the widespread inflammation associated with obesity.

Most prebiotic fiber supplements are flavorless and tasteless and can be added to your morning beverage for weight loss. Look for prebiotic fiber from these sources:

  • Beta-glucan 
  • Inulin 
  • Isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) 
  • Wheat dextrin 
  • Psyllium 
  • Guar gum 
  • Acacia powder 


The sweet spiciness of cinnamon not only complements your morning drink but also provides weight loss benefits.

Studies demonstrate cinnamon may:

If you want to add cinnamon to your morning drink for weight loss, the recommended dose is about 1 tsp (2-3g). The flavor may be too intense for some people. If it is for you, try spreading out the teaspoon across multiple cups of coffee or tea.

For an extra treat, mix a dash of coconut milk with the cinnamon powder before adding it to your hot beverage.


Ashwagandha is an herb with a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. It comes from a shrub found in India and parts of the middle east. Adding the powdered form to your morning drink can boost energy and support your weight loss efforts.

Ashwagandha is known as an adaptogen which is a class of herbs that reduce stress and anxiety.

High levels of stress cause the release of the hormone cortisol. Over time, increased cortisol can lead to anxiety, sleep issues, health problems, and weight gain.

In one study of overweight adults, those treated with ashwagandha experienced decreased stress and increased weight loss compared to those treated with a placebo. It has also been shown to lower the levels of cortisol in the body.

Getting cortisol under control is critical to your ability to lose weight, which is why supplementing with ashwagandha can be so effective.

Because ashwagandha has a distinctive taste, if you add it to your morning drink for weight loss, you may need to add additional flavoring components. Cinnamon and vanilla with a splash of coconut milk is one way to help blend the flavor.


Collagen is a natural protein in the body that makes up a large percentage of connective tissues, including muscle, bones, tendons, and skin. When ingested, collagen is broken down into individual amino acids, which provide the building blocks for essential proteins.

Eating a diet high in protein has several weight loss benefits:

  • Increased feelings of fullness
  • Higher metabolism
  • Increased weight loss
  • Decreased waist circumference

In addition, supplementing with collagen may specifically prevent fat accumulation by suppressing fatty acid synthesis in the liver.

In a recent study of overweight adults, those who received a collagen supplement lost significantly more body fat compared to those who received a placebo. Collagen has also been shown to support muscle development from exercise while also increasing fat loss.

Try adding the ShiftSetGo Full Spectrum to your morning drink for weight loss for a one-two punch of protein plus fat-burning action.

Make The Most Of Your Morning Drink

Successful weight loss requires you to optimize your lifestyle and make the most of your daily habits. Adding any of these supplements to your morning drink for weight loss is a creative way to take advantage of something you already enjoy and make it even better.

While none of these supplements will do all the work of weight loss for you, they can each support your efforts in unique ways. From building gut health to shrinking fat cells, a little bit of help goes a long way.

Give these a try and let your morning beverage get in on the weight loss action while you sip your way to better health.

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