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How a weight loss coach can help you boost weight loss now

Losing weight—and keeping it off—comes with a unique set of challenges. In many ways, life often feels stacked in favor of unhealthy food and sedentary living.

This is why, while almost half of adults are trying to lose weight, only 1 in 5 are successful.

Thankfully, we can learn a lot about what it takes to lose weight by examining what separates those who succeed from those who struggle. Regular exercise, consistent tracking of weight and diet, and support from others are all critical to weight loss success.

Studies show that working with a weight loss coach can significantly boost weight loss efforts. Compared to people trying to lose weight on their own, those who work with a coach and receive one-on-one support are more likely to reach their goals.

So what makes the coaching model so effective? Let’s take a look at how a weight loss coach can help you succeed.

Benefits Of A Weight Loss Coach

We’ve shared before how effective working with a weight loss coach can be. People who have a coach in their corner:

  • Lose more weight
  • Are more successful at maintaining weight loss
  • Feel motivated and confident
  • Have accountability to keep them on track
  • See results faster

Weight loss coaches are effective because they know the right tools for weight loss and how to use them. Through in-depth training and years of experience working with a variety of people, they gain the knowledge and expertise to make losing weight easier.

Think of it this way—if you want to remodel your house, you hire an expert to make sure it is done right. An experienced contractor knows building codes, the best materials and techniques, and how to fix unexpected problems.

Losing weight is similar. A skilled coach can help you do it right. They understand the human body and the factors that influence your behaviors and choices. When weight loss stalls or you start sliding into old habits, your coach will get things back on track.

Here are a few of the ways a coach can help you succeed.

Accountability When You Need It

In addition to regular check-ins, your weight loss coach is available as an accountability partner when you need some extra help.

Life is full of temptations. Sometimes a pep talk from your coach will help get you through a difficult day. Other times you might be faced with the unexpected and need guidance on how to stay true to your goals.

Your coach is your partner on your weight loss journey, and they will walk you through the tough times and celebrate each success right along with you.

The Best Ready-Made Foods

When a weight loss coach recommends ready-made food options, it’s because they’ve seen how helpful they can be.

In one study that examined the effect on weight loss of working with a coach, they found people who had the support of a coach and the convenience of ready-made meals lost the most weight.

Using ready-made foods can drastically simplify the weight loss process. It relieves you of the burden of planning, shopping, cooking, and choosing the right food to eat. Your weight loss coach can guide you to a diet that will work and the ready-made foods that will make it easier.

Exercise Tailored To You

While everyone needs exercise, not all exercise is appropriate for everyone. Not only that, but many factors can influence how well exercise aids weight loss, including things you might not even think of, like the time of day.

Your weight loss coach knows this. They will talk through your history with exercise and any physical limitations you may have to help you find a routine that will be most effective for you.

In addition, there usually comes a time during your weight loss journey when you need to change your exercise routine to break through a plateau or re-engage your interest. Your coach will be right there to help identify when to make a change, so you don’t lose your stride.

Expert Troubleshooting When You Hit a Plateau

It rarely happens that you move from your current weight to your goal weight without a few hiccups along the way. Weight loss isn’t always linear, and that’s normal and expected.

Sometimes getting back on track takes some troubleshooting and the ability to think outside the box. A skilled weight loss coach will know what to do. They’ve likely helped dozens of people through many of the same challenges and can get you unstuck in no time.

The Right Tools Make All The Difference

The process of losing weight is rarely a smooth one, but it doesn’t have to be discouraging. When you work with a weight loss coach, they will give you the tools you need right at the moment you need them.

Few people can understand the journey as well as your coach. They’ve walked this road before, often themselves, and they are committed to your success. Working with a weight loss coach is one of the best ways to ensure success when you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off.

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