Meet the Founder

Emily Countryman

CEO ShiftSetGo

Emily Countryman is the CEO and founder of ShiftSetGo, a Washington State-based chain of weight loss clinics that serve clients in-person & virtually across the country.

Not content with just reshaping bodies, Emily’s passion extends to shaping minds and lifestyles. In 2023, she took a giant leap by founding the non-profit Nutrition Education Foundation, showcasing her commitment to fostering a healthier world.

Emily is passionate about educating others on how to lose fat and maintain that goal weight. Since opening the doors of ShiftSetGo, Emily’s team has helped thousands of clients lose nearly two hundred thousand pounds with their 3-stage program. ShiftSetGo has over 100 locations in the US and is currently growing its virtual weight loss coaching staff.

Emily has worked in the healthcare industry since 2003 and is determined to make a better future for the next generation, believing that our society can end the obesity pandemic with the right education and information. Emily is a certified weight loss coach and a board-certified holistic health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

As featured in

2022 Puget Sound Business Journal 40 Under 40 Winner

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Low Carb Challenge

Get Fit Challenge 

Podcast Interviews with Emily

Questions to ask Emily

  • What is nutritional ketosis and how does it differ from ketosis programs that encourage high-fat meals?
  • What is the 3-part program that you offer clients?
  • Can you explain why the motto “eat less, move more” is one you don’t align with? What is the best place someone can start if they want to lose weight?
  • How do you find most of your clients?
  • Why did you start your business, ShiftSetGo?
  • You planned to take one year to shift your business to a virtual hybrid model but were forced to do it much more quickly (in just one week) due to the pandemic, can you tell us about that experience?
  • Can you tell us about your experience of scaling your business, opening multiple brick and mortar locations and building a team?

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