Are you ready to regain control of your life today?

With a dedicated coach to support you each step of the way, every member sees results and feels great.

ShiftSetGo is a program designed to help you lose weight by providing the tools and support system you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle long after reaching your goal. Our program caters to women and men who would like to lose 50 lbs or more and is designed in three stages to ease you into your new lifestyle. As a member, you will be connected with a dedicated coach who will work with you to achieve your goals and hold you accountable without judgment.

Losing weight is not just about shedding pounds. It’s a personal journey that takes time and looks different for everyone.

“It was the results of weight loss, inches, and measurements that I saw after the first month that really kept me motivated. I felt so good after my first month that I was going to do everything known to man to lose weight and keep the weight off. The food is amazing, it travels well, and it’s such a simple diet to follow. I was shocked that even though my friends were eating and drinking unhealthily around me, I was able to stay strong and not cheat on my diet. I’m a happier, healthier person!”

– Ashley

Whether you’re local and want to stop by one of our offices or you’d prefer to meet virtually, we’re here for you

How it works

ShiftSetGo is a membership-based program designed to help our members get healthy and lose weight so they can start feeling their best. Each of our members starts with a free consultation, where we get to learn a little about you and your goals, and you’ll meet with one of our coaches to learn more about us.

Once you’ve decided to come on board, you’ll work with your coach one-on-one to achieve your goals based on the ShiftSetGo three-stage process. We’re here to help, provide a support system of people who understand the process, the challenges, and help you stay on track.

Easy 3-Stage Process


To reach your weight loss goals, you’ll work closely with your coach, meet one-on-one every week, and maintain a dietary regimen with ShiftSetGo meals. You’ll learn more about your body, healthy habits and shift your mindset to create a space for success.


You’ve reached your target weight, yay! Now you’ll be set up for long-term success. During this stage, we’ll start introducing whole foods back into your diet to replace ShiftSetGo meals and put those healthy habits you’ve learned into action.


You’ve regained control of your life and reached VIP status. That means you’re at your target weight, you’re feeling great, and you have the tools to continue your path of success and enjoy life without any limitations. The ShiftSetGo community will still be here for you; you’ll continue to meet with your coach to check in twice a month for the first year and monthly after that. Plus, you’ll always have access to the network of people you’ve met along your journey. And, as a VIP, you get a 25% discount on all ShiftSetGo products.

I have discovered what it takes for me to be healthy and have confidence that I can keep it up!

– Michael F.
(Lost 90 lb. with ShiftSetGo)*

“ I’ve learned a lot, and really believe I have healthier lifetime habits and knowledge to keep me successful! ”

– Ann*