About Us

A shifted approach to weight loss

ShiftSetGo will help you achieve your ideal you inside and out so that you can live your best life and feel great in your body. Our clients are mainly 50-year-old women with 50+ pounds to lose. They achieve weight loss success with our world-class coaching and weight loss program.

This is a lifestyle change and we will be with you throughout and after the entire process. We will help you and your family with long-term wellness. America is getting sicker every year but we will not give up. We strive for the best outcomes daily and we will one day end the obesity epidemic.

Our Team

Emily Countryman, ShiftSetGo Owner

Emily Countryman is the CEO and founder of ShiftSetGo, a Washington State-based chain of weight loss clinics that serve clients in-person locally and across the country virtually. The seed of inspiration was planted in 2011 when Emily set out to lose 15 pounds of pregnancy weight one summer. Hopeful that the expert-recommended “eat less and move more” philosophy would quickly work its magic, Emily was frustrated to end the summer down only three pounds. It wasn’t until Emily discovered nutritional ketosis and figured out macros that she lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. 

Because of her own success, Emily is passionate about educating other women (men too!) on losing weight and maintaining that goal weight. Since opening the doors of ShiftSetGo, Emily’s team has helped thousands of clients lose over one hundred thousand pounds with their 3-part ShiftSetGo program. ShiftSetGo now has six locations and is currently growing its virtual weight loss coaching staff.

Emily has worked in the healthcare industry since 2003 and is determined to make a better future for the next generation, believing that our society can end the obesity pandemic with the proper education and information. Emily is a certified weight loss coach and a board certified holistic health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Roxanne Lewis, General Manager

Roxanne’s pursuit and dedication to the transformative powers of nutrition began in the fall of 2004 when she discovered her son had autism. Since that time, she has had the good fortune to witness and personally experience numerous life-changing transformations.

In 2014 she became a board certified holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During her time as a health and meditation coach, she discovered LipoMelt. The more she learned about the amazing benefits red light and near infrared therapy had to offer, the more convinced she became that she just had to be a part of it.

Corrina Bickle, Operations Director

A Snohomish County native, born and raised. Once Corrina hit her 30s, her general health was steadily going downhill. She realized that she needed to do something about it and made a decision that changed not only the way she physically looks and feels but also how she approaches life. She found ShiftSetGo through a friend and did her own research on the program. It works!

Corrina began the program in February of 2013, lost 70 pounds, and learned how to successfully keep it off for good. She chose to become a coach because she believes in this program – not only how, but why it works.

As someone who has “been there,” she loves being on the other side of the experience so that she can help members through it with experience, knowledge, and encouragement!

Dawnell Kelly, Project Manager

Dawnell has a long history of organizing anything and everything in her path. Fortunately, this knack turned into a professional asset, as she brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her work here at ShiftSetGo.

She serves clients behind the scenes by structuring, organizing, and implementing goals that align with our company values. Her background includes serving in the Navy as a shipboard firefighter, a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and psychology, almost 10 years of health & wellness experience, personal training, and of course, coaching. Her coaching experience spans exercise, weight loss, and overall health.

ShiftSetGo uniquely combines all aspects of her passion to help others – with the sustainable weight loss program, educational tools, and supportive resources that are designed to help a wide range of people with various health concerns related to obesity. Dawnell is proud to be part of a company that enables thousands of people to reach their ideal weight and health goals every year!

Jassi McMillan, Warehouse Associate

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Jassi lived a very charmed life. She is very close with her family and married her best friend in 2018. She loves animals, teaching yoga, and sharing her passion for life with everyone.

In 2011 while working at a chiropractic wellness center she was introduced to red light therapy for the first time and fell in love with it. For 3 years she witnessed her patients’ healing journey and experienced her own transformation through the benefits of red light.

As a part of the ShiftSetGo team, she gets to watch and share her success stories with our clients every day. Stop in and see her sometime!

Our Coaches

Jennifer Barnes, ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

I began my weight loss journey in February 2019. I had gained a considerable amount of weight the previous few years due to a medical condition and medication. When I finally found this program, I was thrilled. I was finally able to lose the weight I had gained plus more. I am now much healthier and happier. I have a passion now for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. ShiftSetGo has literally changed my life.

Corrina Bickle, Operations Director and ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

A Snohomish County native, born and raised. Once I hit my 30’s, my general health was steadily going downhill. I realized that I needed to do something about it and made a decision that changed not only the way I physically look and feel but also how I approach life. I found ShiftSetGo (formerly Ideal Wellness) through a friend and did my own research on the program. It works!

Mardi Bock, ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

I am a Weight Watchers repeat offender. In 2011 I had bloodwork done and knew from those results, I had to make some major lifestyle changes. I tried the program, not knowing what to expect. I lost 75 pounds in 4.5 months and have never returned to that weight again.I grew up in Eastern Washington. My husband and I moved to the Bellingham area in 2016 to be closer to our grown children and grandson.

Jessica Iverson, ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

My journey to becoming a health coach began when I was working in the biomedical field and felt stuck and unhappy with life. I knew that my life was meant to be exciting and my career rewarding. I’ve always had an interest in health and wellness and a desire to help others. Fast-forward a few years, and here I am! I discovered health coaching and obtained my certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Jessica Santori, ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

Looking back, my journey to becoming a coach was a work in progress for quite some time. Starting as a CMA for a gastroenterologist/internal medicine doctor, I got to see the diagnosis and outcomes of what poor care of our digestive systems does to our bodies. The most important piece I learned during this time was how to control our health with the proper care and kindness to our digestive system.

Tara McKinney, ShiftSetGo Weight Loss Coach

My life and career have always been helping people in whatever industry I find myself in. My heart is always bent to the service and aid of other people as they work to better their lives. After many years of struggling with my weight and self-image and trying various programs to become a healthy person at a good weight, I found ShiftSetGo (formerly Ideal Wellness). Together, with the partnership of a friend who was pursuing her own weight loss journey, I have lost 50lbs.

A Pound For A Pound

At ShiftSetGo, we believe no one should go hungry. We are committed to helping those in our community get the food they need. Our Pound For A Pound program donates one pound of food to a local food bank for every pound our members lose.