ShiftSetGo Success Stories

After years of gaining weight, Angie found weight loss success with the ShiftSetGo program, losing 100 pounds.

Angie credits our world-class, one-on-one coaching, and amazing community of support, in helping her overcome multiple life-changing events and take back control of her health!

Feeling lethargic, the pain of old injuries, and stuck, Greg and Emily decided it was time to lose weight and regain their health. While they knew they needed to do something, they didn’t know where to start. Then their friends encouraged them to start the ShiftSetGo program with them.

Hear their experience with the ShiftSetGo program and how it was just the help they needed to get them back to doing the things they love.

Over the last 30 years, Roenah had tried various fad diets in an effort to lose weight. Unfortunately, those plans never worked and she would always gain the weight back. Eventually, she found herself on multiple medications with an elevated A1c, and unable to do the things she enjoyed.

Since starting the ShiftSetGo program, she’s lost 90 pounds, is off all her medications, and has an A1c worth bragging about.

Listen to Roanah’s experience with the ShiftSetGo program and discover how it has helped her break the fad dieting cycle while making it easier for her to get out and experience life.