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Top 3 Benefits Of Using An Online Weight Loss Coach

Weight loss is at the top of many people’s health goals in the new year. But, losing weight isn’t always easy. It takes focus, commitment, and a clear plan to stick with it for the long haul. Unfortunately, a large number of people who set out to lose weight, either don’t achieve their goal or gain the pounds back over time.

Having people to support you is a critical component to success. While friends and family who cheer you on and help you make healthy choices are key, perhaps the most beneficial support person you can find is a coach who specializes in weight loss.

If you’ve never worked with a coach before, consider this—studies have shown time and time again that you are more likely to get lasting results when you work with a coach for weight loss. People who have a supportive health coach lose more weight, maintain their motivation, and feel better about themselves.

All support is good, but expert support is unbeatable.

In the past, you had to go to a gym or weight loss center to access a coach’s expertise. Thankfully, in this digital age, online coaching is now a viable option. It’s easier than ever to connect with an online weight loss coach who can provide all the benefits you used to have to leave home to receive.

An Online Weight Loss Coach Could Be Your Key To Success

It’s a pretty common story—you enter the new year determined to finally lose the extra weight and improve your health. You start out strong and quickly lose a few pounds. But, somewhere around the third or fourth-week things get tough. You’re more hungry, tired, or stressed and old habits call out to you. Or, sometimes you’re doing everything right, but aren’t seeing any change.

Before February hits, you’re frustrated, discouraged, and ready to give up.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing: the problem isn’t you.

Weight loss isn’t as straightforward as some make it seem. While you are absolutely the expert on your own body, the factors that determine your weight are complex, and this is where a coach can help.

A weight loss coach is trained to help you reduce barriers that keep you from achieving a healthy weight. When you work with an online weight loss coach, you’ll not only receive guidance on diet and exercise; they’ll also support you through all the ups and downs along the way.

Weight loss isn’t always linear, and your coach will be there for you when the going gets tough. Instead of struggling on your own, tap into all the benefits of working with an online weight loss coach.

Here are the top three.

One-on-one coaching

If you’ve tried any of the popular weight-loss diets or gimmicks, you may have already discovered that many of them were not designed with you in mind.

There is no substitute for a plan that is personalized to your needs. When working one-on-one with a coach, you don’t have to struggle through a cookie-cutter routine. Your coach will tailor everything to you and help you overcome any barriers that hold you back.

In one study of people enrolled in a 6-month weight loss program, those who attended more one-on-one coaching sessions experienced significantly more weight loss. And the people who were most consistent in connecting with their coach got the most benefit.

Another study compared people who worked with an online weight loss coach versus those who followed a self-guided program. They found those working one-on-one lost more weight and, most impressively, kept it off.

The one-on-one approach pays huge dividends.

An expert eye on your food journal

Keeping a food log is a critical piece of the puzzle when losing weight. But, getting feedback on your food log is just as important.

When you work with an online weight loss coach, you get a second set of eyes to assess how your diet is working for you. Sometimes you may think you are following your plan, but you might be surprised what your coach will spot.

Your coach has the skill to identify issues with your diet before they interfere with weight loss. And if you hit a plateau, having your coach’s expert eye on your food journal can get you quickly back on track.

One study found people enrolled in a weight loss program lost more weight when they received consistent feedback on their food journals.

Keeping a log is good. But, having a coach to review it is even better.

Accountability from the comfort of home

A lot of us have busy schedules. Going to the gym or weight loss clinic to meet with your coach can sometimes feel like just one more thing on your already full to-do list. Not to mention the time you lose driving back and forth.

Using an online weight loss coach allows you to access the support you need without leaving home. For many people, it fits so much better in their schedule. And if it doesn’t feel like a chore, it will be easier to maintain long-term.

All you have to do is get on your computer or mobile device and connect.

Let online coaching be your key to success

The tools that help you lose weight are pretty straightforward. A healthy diet, more movement, less stress, and the support of people you trust who can help you reach your goal.

If you’ve tried to lose weight on your own and been unsuccessful, online weight loss coaching could be the key ingredient to your success.

People who connect with a coach get better results. This year, tap into the benefits of working with an online weight loss coach and finally get serious about losing weight.

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