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4 Tips to Achieving Weight Loss Success: Becoming the Ideal Weight Loss Client

After helping thousands of clients lose weight, we have determined a few key traits of those that have achieved weight loss success.

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be both exciting and challenging. At ShiftSetGo, we have witnessed incredible transformations and success stories. While every client is unique, there are certain characteristics and actions that distinguish the successful client from those who find themselves stuck in a rut.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what the successful weight loss client looks like and explore the key actions they take to achieve remarkable progress. We’ll also address the importance of embracing bravery and pushing yourself towards becoming the best version of yourself.

The Ideal Client, A Portrait of Weight Loss Success:

  1. Commitment to the Meal Plan: Our ideal client understands that the meal plan is an integral part of their weight loss journey. They follow it diligently, making conscious choices that align with their goals. They recognize that proper nutrition is crucial for long-term success and embrace the meal plan as a roadmap to healthier eating habits. They create go-to “Forever Meals” and have dinner recipes they continue to eat well into the maintenance stage for life long success.
  2. Embracing Meal Prep: Meal prepping is a powerful tool for maintaining consistency and avoiding impulsive food choices. The ideal client invests time in planning and preparing their meals in advance, ensuring they have nutritious options readily available. By doing so, they minimize the temptation to deviate from their goals and stay on track.
  3. Keeping a Food Journal: Accountability is key to success. The ideal client understands the value of tracking their food intake. They keep up with their paper ShiftSetGo food journal or the ShiftSetGo app, meticulously noting down everything they consume. This practice enhances self-awareness, helps identify potential areas for improvement, and enables their coach to provide personalized guidance based on their eating patterns. Without a completed food journal it is nearly impossible for a coach to help adjust the program to the client.
  4. Engaging with Their Coach: Weekly check-ins with their coach are an essential part of the successful client’s routine. They actively participate in these sessions, discussing their progress, challenges, and goals. Their coach becomes their trusted ally, providing support, motivation, and expertise. By maintaining regular communication, the ideal client receives guidance to navigate obstacles and fine-tune their strategies for optimal results. The successful client comes to each coaching appointment with questions and is coachable.

On the flip side of this we of course see clients who aren’t always as successful as they hope to be. This is usually due to a few key things.

The Stuck-in-a-Rut Client: Breaking Free from Limitations:

  1. Lack of Consistency: Clients who find themselves stuck in a rut often struggle with consistency. They may follow the program sporadically or deviate from the meal plan frequently. This inconsistency hampers their progress and makes it difficult to achieve sustainable weight loss.
  2. Neglecting Meal Prep: Failure to prioritize meal prep can lead to poor food choices. Clients stuck in a rut may find themselves relying on convenient but unhealthy options, contributing to setbacks in their weight loss journey. Without the structure that meal prep provides, it becomes challenging to make sustained progress.
  3. Forgoing the Food Journal: Clients who fail to keep a food journal miss out on valuable insights into their eating habits. They lose the opportunity to identify patterns, make necessary adjustments, and receive targeted guidance from their coach. Without this valuable tool, progress is hindered.
  4. Limited Engagement with the Coach: Clients stuck in a rut often miss the opportunity to tap into the expertise and support of their coach. Failing to attend weekly check-ins or not actively participating in these sessions deprives them of valuable guidance, accountability, and motivation. Without consistent engagement, overcoming challenges becomes more challenging.

We often find when a client has had a less than successful week, they will attempt to cancel their coaching appointment for the week in hopes of “getting back on track” before the following weeks appointment. This has never gone well, every time we see a client do this, they inevitably backslide in their weight loss. Keeping up with all of their coaching appointments in the key to success.

Which client do you want to be? I am sure it’s the successful one! If you are the “stuck in a rut” client and struggling to get back on track ask yourself,

 What Would the Bravest Version of Yourself Do?

To break free from the rut and become the ideal client, it’s essential to embrace bravery. Ask yourself, “What would the bravest version of myself do?”

Channeling bravery means: Making a Firm Commitment. Commit fully to the program, acknowledging that change requires dedication and perseverance. Embrace the challenges, knowing that each step forward brings you closer to your goals.

By doing this you will be on your way to hitting your weight loss and wellness goals!

If you are ready for someone to help you through this process schedule a Free Consult with a ShiftSetGo coach today and find out how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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