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The 12 Greatest Gifts For Weight Loss

Building healthy habits can be challenging, especially during the holiday season. Making choices to support long-term health and wellness can feel lonely at this time of year. But, the support of family and friends makes all the difference.

If you know someone in your life that is working hard to be healthy and fit, choosing gifts for weight loss support may be just what they need. Or, if you are working towards a healthier lifestyle, these gift ideas should be on your wish list as essential tools to help you achieve your goal.

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Weight loss is just one piece of the health puzzle. What most of us want for ourselves and our loved ones is the vitality and energy to do the things we love throughout our whole lives. We want more healthy years and the strength to enjoy them.

This list isn’t just about gifts for weight loss. These items can benefit anyone trying to eat better, feel energetic, and invest in self-care. Whether you need to lose weight or you simply need better tools to care for your health, this list has something for everyone.

We’ve gathered the top 12 items we believe will power you on your way to better health. From cooking supplies that make healthy eating easy to red light therapy for improving sleep, this list makes finding the perfect gift simple.

12 amazing gifts for weight loss

12 Amazing Gifts For Weight Loss (plus some extras!)

3-Day Reset Kit

There are three key components to successfully resetting your metabolism—hydration, proper nutrition, and nutritional support. This kit tackles each of these foundational elements to make it easy, straightforward, and incredibly effective. The included guide helps you focus each day on a specific topic and provides logs to track food, activity, and water intake. Press the reset button on your metabolism with this 3- Day Reset Kit.

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fry

This five-in-one device is designed with healthy cooking in mind. When making a meal is simple, you’re more likely to cook healthy food at home and avoid processed junk food. From grilling up your favorite lean meat to frying a vegetable with less oil, the grill and air fryer make it easy to cook tasty, nourishing food. Even better, it’s a breeze to clean with dishwasher-safe components, so not even an after-dinner mess will stop you.

Egg Bite Silicone Pan

Your instant pot can make a wide range of healthy and delicious foods for grab-and-go eating. This silicone egg bite pan makes it even easier to cook and store foods like muffins, mini meatloaves, poached eggs, and of course, egg bites in a variety of flavor combinations. Having quick homemade food choices ready when a craving strikes makes healthy eating scrumptious and sustainable.

Joovv Red Light Therapy Device

Your body is designed to function based on cues from sunlight. However, most people spend the majority of their time indoors and miss out on light exposure, especially in the winter months.

Red light therapy uses 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared that directly stimulates your skin and cells. Light therapy is proven to improve sleep, support energy and mood, and decrease pain. As a bonus, Joovv makes red light devices that are portable for easy travel as well as larger full-body systems to meet your unique needs.

Mini Waffle Maker

It’s not just for waffles! A mini waffle maker works great for making single-serving foods of all kinds, including eggs, meat, sandwiches, and pancakes. This device pairs great with fast and easy mixes, like the ShiftSetGo Chocolate Pancake or Vegetable Omelet Mix.  The small size makes it ideal to manage portions and makes cleaning up a breeze.

Nicewell Digital Kitchen Scale

Understanding portion sizes is essential for long-term success at eating well and feeling your best. A digital kitchen scale is a valuable tool as it provides an instant visual of food portions. The Nicewell scale gives precise measurements down to the gram and can weigh items up to 22 pounds. It also comes with a convenient tare button to zero out the weight of food containers when weighing food. A great gift for the foodie in your life!

Oura Ring

Having accurate information about your body allows you to make the best possible choices for your health. The Oura Ring tracks your activity, sleep, heart rate, and even menstrual cycle. Oura is a company known for its quality technology and slim, sleek design, making its rings more user-friendly than a watch. Their 3rd generation ring is lightweight, waterproof, and compatible with Apple™ and Google™ products.

Pique Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea

This unique tea can be consumed while fasting to help with satiety while supporting balanced blood sugar levels. The caffeine-free, herbal blend contains a mix of cinnamon, spearmint, bergamot, and burdock root that together decrease appetite and boost energy. Pique’s triple toxin screening process results in a quality tea you can trust. Plus, all you have to do is mix the packet in hot or cold water; no steeping required!

Red Light Therapy gift certificate

Our red-light therapy sessions can be used for a variety of purposes, from pain management, muscle repair, hair loss, and fat loss. Red light penetrates deep into the body to increase oxygen flow and stimulate cells. This can result in less pain, better healing, and reduced fat storage. It is an excellent, non-invasive treatment for anyone looking to lose weight and can leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

ShiftSetGo Full Spectrum Collagen

Many other brands use chicken broth concentrate instead of chicken collagen because it’s much less expensive. The problem is, it also has a much lower collagen content. This proprietary blend of all five types of collagen peptides only uses the highest-quality ingredients, is made up of 100% pure collagen, and doesn’t contain any fillers, additives, or preservatives.

ShiftSetGo ThermoShift 

Thermo Shift works by encouraging a process called thermogenesis—the process where the body burns calories to produce heat. Supporting this process stimulates your metabolism, causing the body to use more calories. A faster metabolism will help you burn more calories, give you more energy, and help you lose weight.

Yoga Therapy Balls

Combining these versatile balls with your own body weight allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure to penetrate trigger points and tight spots. Made from natural latex rubber, they can provide relief without bruising or leaving you feeling sore. And while these won’t directly help with weight loss, using them can help reduce muscle soreness, alleviate stress and anxiety, improve your range of motion, and lessen back pain. These benefits can help lower cortisol levels, which can have a positive effect on weight loss.

All-In-One Blender With Bottle

We love the convenience of this individual-sized blender and 20-oz BPA-free sports bottle. The powerful 250-watt motor makes easy work of frozen fruit or ice cubes. It’s so easy to toss in your ingredients—don’t forget your favorite ShiftSetGo Pudding & Shake Mix!—blend, and take it with you on when you’re in a rush. There are no more excuses for not having a healthy, nutritious snack with you, no matter how busy you are!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment available. Portable, easy to install, and sturdy, they’re great for individuals who travel a lot, those with limited range of motion, and anyone new to working out or that doesn’t have access to a gym. We love this set that includes extra anchor points to give you a wider range of available exercises.

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