Give out healthy alternatives to traditional halloween candy this year.

10 awesome and healthy swaps for Halloween candy

Pumpkins, spider webs, spooky costumes, and Halloween all go together. But for many, the holiday isn’t complete without Halloween candy.

If you are someone who is committed to weight control and a healthy diet, it can feel like your worst nightmare.

Everywhere you go you’re greeted by pumpkin-shaped bowls featuring all your childhood (or even adult!) Halloween candy favorites. The temptation to sneak a few here or there is difficult to resist.

Even worse, Halloween seems to begin earlier than ever, and that giant pillowcase full of treats your kids bring home could last until Thanksgiving.

Navigating the Halloween candy craze creates a challenge. But, today more than ever there are delicious and satisfying alternatives to the standard candy fare. All that sugar doesn’t have to derail your weight control efforts.

Here are some alternatives to Halloween candy that will keep you sugar-free but still in the mix.

Let trick or treaters know you have healthy and allergy-friendly Halloween candy alternatives by putting out a teal pumpkin.

Halloween Candy Alternatives: Less Sugar, All The Fun 

No one wants to be the house handing out toothbrushes on Halloween. But that doesn’t mean you have to be the family passing out king-sized candy bars either.

There is a middle ground where you can still enjoy the treats that come with the holiday without compromising all your hard-earned gains. This year, skip the extra-large bags of traditional candy and get creative.

And remember, if you hand out non-food goodies to trick-or-treaters, be sure to put a teal pumpkin on your front porch. This is a sign that you have non-food treats available and your house is safe for those with food allergies or other conditions.

Choose Better Candy

Yes, it’s possible to have your candy and eat it too. Sugar-free candy is out there and it tastes better than ever. Many grocery stores now carry some of these brands, and, of course, with the internet, it’s easy to get your hands on them.

If you want to treat yourself, your kids, and your neighborhood to a delicious and healthy Halloween choice, try out these better options:

AlterEco® Total Blackout Chocolate 
The ingredient list on this chocolate bar is just two items long—organic cacao beans and organic cocoa butter. If you’ve never tried truly dark chocolate before, you are in for a treat. No sugar, just pure chocolatey goodness.

Phi Kind® Pumpkin Spice Truffles  
It’s always refreshing to look at a label and be able to identify every food ingredient listed. These truffles bring the taste of fall without all the sugar. They are sweetened with stevia and contain an extra boost of MCT oil.

Lily’s® Sour Gummy Worms 
If you just have to have your chewy candies, these gummies are a win. Free of added sugar and any funky preservatives or dyes, you can enjoy the sour kick guilt-free.

Lily’s® Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 
Sweetened with a stevia blend, these treats deliver all the peanut buttery taste you love without any refined carbs.

Dr. John’s® Fruit lollipops 
These lollies have it all—no added sugars, a bit of fruit, and a lot of vitamin C. An excellent option for the kiddos in your life, but grab one for yourself too!

Think Outside the Candy Box

Halloween candy isn’t the only treat you can share. You’ve probably seen suggestions to opt for fruit and popcorn, and we think those can be great, but here are some more unique items that fit the Halloween bill.

MammaChia® Squeeze Pouches 
With just 70 calories and no added sugar, these pouches are a great choice to soothe a sweet tooth without blowing your carb count. As a bonus, they also contain 3g of fiber and 1,200 mg of omega-3s from the chia seeds.

Jimmy!® Keto Pudding 
This high in fat and fiber pudding cup is a luscious treat that might make you forget you were craving candy. Sweetened with erythritol and stevia, it’s free of added sugars.

Pur® Sugar-free gum and mints 
Chewing gum or sucking on a mint is a good alternative to caving to a sweet craving. Pur® products are sweetened with xylitol and use natural flavors.

CoCoRinga® Hot Chocolate Packets 
This hot chocolate packet is a fun way to mix up the candy haul and stay sugar-free with just four ingredients. They use chicory root as an added bonus to provide fiber and sweetness.

Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Chances are, you aren’t the only one trying to stay healthy and avoid a sugar rush. Between health concerns and food allergies, non-candy Halloween treats are becoming more popular and much appreciated.

If you do it right, you can still thrill trick-or-treaters (and yourself!) by providing fun treats that are candy-free.

Pay attention to the age of the kids in your area so you can select items that will most appeal to them. Here are some great ideas:

What Is The Worst Halloween Candy?

There is no clear way to declare a “worst” Halloween candy because all standard treats are flawed in their own way. From over-the-top amounts of sugar to hydrogenated oils and additives, it’s a tight race to pick who would come out at the bottom. But, purely from a sugar standpoint, here are a few of the biggest offenders:

  • Airheads® 
  • Pixy Stixs® 
  • Jolly Ranchers® 
  • Swedish Fish® 
  • Candy Corn 
  • Skittles® 
  • Sour Patch Kids®

These candies contain various forms of refined sugar with almost no fat to blunt their effect. Steer clear of the worst list, and while you’re at it, avoid the rest as well and opt for better alternatives.

Enjoy Halloween Without The Sugar

You don’t need to abandon your healthy eating to take part in holiday celebrations. With a bit of creativity and a willingness to lead the way, you can enjoy sugar-free Halloween treats and share your delicious discoveries with others. You’re not alone in wanting to make better choices for your health. You’ll most likely find your family and friends are happy to join in when they get a taste of what sugar-free can be.

Part of your journey to better, lasting health involves re-imaging some of your holiday traditions. Halloween candy may seem like a central part of Halloween, but truthfully you can have just as much fun without the sugar rush.

These sugar-free alternatives will help you create better traditions that support your health and well-being.

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