Fat Loss & Inch Reduction with Red Light Therapy

Fat cells may be hard and stubborn, but they’re no match for the infusion of 635nm red light and 880nm near infrared light in our red-light therapy sessions!

The energy from the near infrared light weakens the cell lining and opens pores in the fat cells. This allows the fat to be released. After exposure to these specific wavelengths, seventy to ninety-nine percent of the fat may be released from each cell, to be processed by the lymphatic system and stored in other tissues (like muscle) or metabolized for energy. While the fat is purged, the cell itself remains healthy and viable. This means it will refill with fat if you take in more calories than you need for fuel.

The fat cells remain energized for approximately 48 hours after a red-light therapy session. During this time, they shrink, and the skin will tighten due to the increase in collagen production stimulated by the red-light therapy.

Fat loss benefits of red-light therapy