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Mardi Bock


I am a Weight Watchers repeat offender. In 2011 I had bloodwork done and knew from those results, I had to make some major lifestyle changes. I tried the program, not knowing what to expect. I lost 75 pounds in 4.5 months and have never returned to that weight again.

I grew up in Eastern Washington. My husband and I moved to the Bellingham area in 2016 to be closer to our grown children and grandson. With my weight loss I discovered a new love for hiking, and moving to Whatcom County has opened a whole new world of awesome trails and views.

I am very excited to help you reach your goals on this journey to health and wellness!

Roxanne Lewis


My pursuit and dedication to the transformative powers of nutrition began in the fall of 2004 when we discovered my son had autism. Since that time, I have had the good fortune to witness and personally experience numerous life changing transformations.

In 2014 I became a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During my time as a Health and Meditation Coach, I discovered LipoMelt. The more I learned about the amazing benefits of Red Light and Near Infrared Therapy had to offer, the more convinced I became that I just had to be a part of it.

If you’re located further North, check out our Bellingham Weight Loss Clinic!

Cheryl Sharp


I grew up in the PNW with all the beauty and outdoor activities available at your fingertips. I worked in the fishing industry for 12 years and then moved to Orcas Island for 18 years. I was a bank manager for 16 years, as well as a Cardio Karate Instructor. My daughters convinced me to move to sunny San Diego where I worked in construction for 15 years and enjoyed watching my grandkids grow up.

I am now happy to say that I am lucky to be working at ShiftSetGo Bellingham with fantastic people. Not only are they helping me reach my weight goals, but I am able to help others feel better by doing Red Light Therapy.

There are so many benefits to RLT and the coaching you get here, everyone wants to see you reach your goals and continue through life healthy and happy. What a blessing finding Ideal Wellness. I’m excited to pass on what I know to others so they can be happy too!!!