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Monday-Friday 8:00 am-6:00 pm
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Deborah Johnson

I have come to ShiftSetGo due to a desire to help people take back their health.   

The first time I remember being in charge of my own health was when a surgeon told me I needed a gallbladder operation. Not being fond of surgery, I looked up the cause of my condition and stopped eating all forms of fat. It has been 21 years and no surgery.   

I’ve managed to stay off all forms of medications by staying in tune with my body. I find healthy foods, exercise, and supplements to be the key. 

I look forward to being a part of our members’ health journey! 

Jennifer Hernandez 

Jennifer is a health coach whose passion for aiding others in accomplishing their personal weight loss goals shines through as she helps her clients not only transform physically, but through her personal coaching philosophy allows clients to reach deep inside to become the healthiest version of themselves possible. She believes with the right support, any goal is attainable. She is committed to teaching others the necessary skills to not only reach a goal, but to maintain it as well. Through mental and emotional transformation, you will not only see a permanent change in the mirror, but in personal discipline, and mindset. It is her hope, that with the right coaching, this will be the last weight loss program you will need. She began her journey in 2021 and has led in multiple areas of the healthcare field, however her true inspiration is found, and always will be, in coaching.