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Monday-Friday 8:00 am-6:00 pm
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Cristina Jordan

The struggle is very real. I get it. Growing up in a military family we had restrictive eating habits.  I was obsessed with food as a child, and when I became an adult, I finally had the freedom to choose whatever I wanted. I moved in 1995 to Seattle from Missoula, MT. after getting out of the military myself. I quickly fell into an unhealthy lifestyle burdened by social influences and bad eating habits. That lifestyle caught up with me, and when I obtained a job as a bus driver, the sedentary lifestyle allowed me to gain forty extra pounds. On a 4’10” frame I was severely obese. That started making me mentally unhealthy and I had to change.

I made the effort to lose weight on my own, but I struggled to get the last 20 lbs. off, so I hired a personal trainer. With help, I went well beyond my weight loss goals and ended up competing in a body-building competition at the age of 38, with a trophy in hand. I wasn’t going to stop winning. Moving forward I became a Certified Personal Trainer, started my own gym, and helped others who struggled with weight loss or just wanted to better themselves. I loved training and educating my clients. They now know what I know which is very empowering to them. Results are not always forthcoming though. You can be successful but not perfect. Hop on that horse and try again.

That is why I think working as a Wellness Coach for ShiftSetGo is very rewarding. As coaches, we give the clients the tools to overcome their struggles. We will take our knowledge and experience, and share it with our clients, making their experience just as rewarding and empowering.

Cheryl Dore

I live too many years of my life overweight, overly self-conscious, and frustrated by my heritage. I began weight loss journeys as early as 16-years-old. I’d lose a little. Then regain a lot! Until the day I reached success through a shifted approach. I found a science-backed nutritional path with weekly accountability, with checkpoints for support. I learned to think like a healthy eater thinks—a shift from an “I can’t” mindset, to “I don’t”. I don’t eat skip my coaching appointments. I don’t sabotage my own weight loss goals. I don’t eat sugar.

Then I became an educated ShiftSetGo weight loss coach—an educator with proven tools to help clients. I read studies. Listened to science backed teaching. Took many courses. And learned the most important piece. That is, real, lasting change starts with me. It starts with you. It starts from the inside out. I’m now here to help you think like a healthy eater thinks. To help you achieve real success, lasting success—weight loss that starts from the inside out.