ShiftSetGo App

Utilizing fitness and diet trackers like the ShiftSetGo app can help keep you more accountable, provide you with ongoing motivation, keep your goals front-and-center, and make it easier to monitor your health.

The free ShiftSetGo app is easy-to-use and takes all the guesswork out of logging your meals and activities. The straightforward interface makes viewing your weight loss progress effortless. Logging your daily activities and nutrition lets you easily track your progress and allows your coach to view your information in real-time. This makes your coaching sessions more efficient and productive while keeping you motivated and on track.

With the ShiftSetGo app, you can:

  • Automatically track your weight when you pair your wireless scale with the app.
  • Quickly log your daily supplements.
  • Log exercise sessions like cardio, cycling, running, strength training, or yoga. You can record details like the duration and intensity level, and add any notes quickly and easily.
  • Manually enter your daily steps or have them automatically entered from Striiv, Fitbit, or Apple Watch/Health devices.
  • Log ShiftSetGo meals in seconds. Record meals by scanning bar codes or manually searching for foods and ingredients.
  • View your progress over time or by date with easy-to-read charts for weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, visceral fat, water percentage, body measurements, and vitals.

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