Weekly Wisdom

Topic 9:


It is said: Falling down is part of life; getting back up is living! If you were walking down a flight of stairs and stumbled down a few, would you say, “Well, I’ve blown it” and throw yourself down the rest? No! You would get back up and resume walking. If you stumble, immediately pick yourself back up and start eating healthily again.

A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it! In the beginning, when motivations are high, weight loss seems easier. As the work and focus of day-to-day weight loss move forward, motivation diminishes, and we realize that it is not going to happen overnight. It is normal to experience speed bumps along your weight loss journey. We start, get discouraged, slow down, and sometimes even stop. But, what if you had immediately recovered and gotten back on track after every past mistake you’ve ever made with your eating? Where would you be now?

Focus on where you are going, not on your mistakes. Take advantage of our very active support group on Facebook. Share your success with others so that they can celebrate with you. Find a new recipe or vegetable to try this week. Keep things fresh so that you stay interested. Believe in yourself, you can do this!

Did you know?

Everything that is vital in our bodies is made up of proteins. ShiftSetGo is an adequate protein protocol to ensure muscle sparing, not a high protein diet.

Recipe of the Week!

Vanilla Ice Cream

1 ShiftSetGo Vanilla Pudding & Shake mix
1 C cold water
2 C ice

1. Use the large Bullet or Ninja container for this and place the vanilla pudding and cold water in it, blend well.
2. Add 1 C of the ice.  Blend well.
3. Add more ice if desired and blend well again.  You may need to open up the container and move the mixture around to make sure it all gets blended.