Weekly Wisdom

Topic 3:


As your body and mind adapt to your new lifestyle, you may experience some challenges along the way. It is important to remember why you started this journey, and what caused you to jump into action to improve yourself. Whether you began this journey to fit into a wedding dress or you want to lead an active lifestyle into your golden years, it’s important to visit your “why” frequently. Take some time this week to put your “why” in writing in a place that is convenient for you to see. When you are tempted to give up, take a minute to review why you started this journey in the first place. Stay strong! You are worth it!

Tip: Many clients are concerned about loose skin as a result of weight loss. A 2008 study in Tokyo of 33 women ages 40-60 who ingested 10g of collagen daily for two months showed a 91% increase in skin hydration and resilience. If this is a concern of yours, your clinic likely carries collagen products!

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Did you know?

In order to lose weight, one should reduce the intake of all carbohydrates.

Recipe of the Week!

Strawberry Delight Smoothie

1 ShiftSetGo Cherry Gelatin Fiber
1 ShiftSetGo Strawberry Pudding and Shake mix
1 C ice
8-12 oz water

Mix each packet in the blender with ice and water.
Blend until smooth.
Add spinach as an extraway to sneak in those veggies!