Weekly Wisdom

Topic 23:


Sometimes, we need a little help speeding things up. If you have the funds, a food delivery plan is a wonderful alternative to weekly dinner cooking or a great idea for a few nights per week.

Other great ideas that you can grab at the grocery store are bagged and pre-cut veggies in the produce area, hard-cooked and peeled eggs, pre-cooked shrimp, fixings from a salad bar (box them up and bring home 2-3 boxes to save for your meals), and pre-measured and frozen garlic, ginger, basil, etc.

Also Don’t Overlook Frozen Foods!
One way to ensure that your body gets high levels of nutrients at every meal is to eat foods with greater nutritional value. We often think of fresh produce as the most nutrient-dense option we can access, but frozen produce can have higher nutrient levels than fresh. This is especially true if fresh food travels long distances or sits in storage before arriving at your market. Frozen produce-which is often frozen immediately after being picked in a process that locks in its nutrients until you defrost or cook it- is an undervalued food resource, inexpensive, and incredibly convenient.

This week when watching TV, get up and dance or move during the commercials. Who cares if you look silly? You will be getting a break from sitting and some needed activity in your day!

Did you know?

Canned vegetables are generally processed upon harvest when their nutritional content is highest as well. If you watch out for added sodium & sugars they can be a welcome convenience and are usually less expensive! Just remember, local fresh is best!

Recipe of the Week!

Better Than Take-Out Beef & Broccoli – speedy version!

8 oz lean beef sliced in strips
2 C broccoli
2 Tbsp soy sauce or Braggs Aminos
2 Tbsp Walden Farms Honey Dijon Dressing
1 Tbsp Walden Farms Maple Syrup
Garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, black pepper all to taste
1 tsp olive oil

1. Heat skillet over med/med-high heat, add oil.
2. Stir fry beef strips, season with spices.
3. Steam broccoli.
4. Add broccoli and sauces.
5. Stir fry until heated through.