Weekly Wisdom

Topic 21:


Sometimes we have days when we’re just hungry, and that makes us irritable, which can equal “hangry!”

There are a few reasons for this:
1 . You’ve just started or restarted the program and you haven’t completely transitioned into ketosis. Remember you can have up to 5 ShiftSetGo meals per day in the first week only, so have an extra!
2. You’ve introduced some exercise.
3. Your hormones are changing (this can happen monthly for women on their cycle).
4. You’re not drinking enough water.
5. You may have had an intentional or unintentional deviation which can cause hunger the next day.

First, check to make sure you’re getting ALL of your protein, ShiftSetGo meals, and veggies each day. Make sure you aren’t eating just from the green zone vegetable list. You’ll give yourself more energy and feed your hunger more entirely if you are pulling vegetables from the daily list.

Second, make sure you’re drinking enough water as water is satiating. Also, be sure you are adding an extra cup of water per each cup of caffeinated beverage you might be drinking, such as coffee and tea.

If you’re still really struggling, try this: Have a hard-boiled egg. These are great to keep on hand for an emergency. Try one and wait 1 0 minutes. If that doesn’t work, have some green zone veggies, then practice waiting. Most cravings subside or are forgotten after 1 5 minutes. Leave the kitchen, go outside, read a book, or find another time killer. It will pass!

Or try: create a bed of mixed lettuces with the juice of 1 or 2 limes, salt, and pepper. The acidity of the lime will cease the hunger, while the crunchiness of the lettuces will fill you up. Have some hot green tea; it can take the hunger away while decreasing your appetite.

Did you know?

You can have a ShiftSetGo Gelatin daily as an extra! It does not count towards one of your three daily ShiftSetGo meals. This is a great options when you want to curb a hunger or sweet craving!

Recipe of the Week!

Egg Salad

3 eggs
1 pickle
2 Tbsp pickle juice
1 packet Splenda
½ tsp wasabi or mustard to taste

Boil eggs and mix with ingredients. Serve as a side, or on top of a lettuce salad.

Also try experimenting with these:
* Dried dill weed
* Walden Farms Mayo
* Apple Cider vinegar