Weekly Wisdom

Topic 19:


You’ve heard the phrase knowledge is the key to success, but that can seem overwhelming when you can read so many different articles online about what’s healthy and what is not. Many articles are false or contradict other articles, all stating why their way of eating is the best with results and studies to back all of them up.

Ask your coach for a book or documentary list with info on nutrition, diet, healthy living, and emotional eating that we as coaches have read or watched ourselves. Our first suggestion is to ask your coaches about the Beck Diet Solutions book. You can buy this on Audible and listen to it too!

Make sure to check out your clinic’s Facebook support group if they have one as well.

The real knowledge comes within your appointments; regardless of what stage you are in, it’s essential to come in still and talk with your coach. It’s a fantastic tool to see how different foods, exercise routines, and changes in water or supplement intake can directly affect your body. With our body composition measurements, we can easily see if any change in habit changes your body fat percentage, muscle mass, or water retention!

Did you know?

Weight gain is primarily due to: bad food combinations, changes in the emotional state, changes in hormone levels, and alcohol consumption.

Recipe of the Week!

Pickled Cucumbers!

Making your own pickles is so easy, and you get to control what’s in them! Did you know many store brands contain sugar?! Check out the delicious and incredibly easy-to-make recipes by just googling pickled cucumber recipes. They pair perfectly with ShiftSetGo Salt & Vinegar Crisps for lunch! Try adding new spices to it! Like heat? Add some pepper! Enjoy!