Weekly Wisdom

Topic 18:


Maintenance is scary for everyone. You feel like you’ve mastered Stage 1 and losing weight with ShiftSetGo and the help of your coaches, but the idea of having the freedom to make your own food choices and not gain weight seems daunting. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the tricks and tips you need to stabilize your weight and keep those pounds from adding back up.

A considerable part of maintenance success is transitioning off Stage 1 properly. The slow transitions into Stage 2 and 3 are essential because they are re-training your pancreas to produce the correct amount of insulin with varied foods and food amounts. Taking the time to transition appropriately will help your body adjust to being on your own maintenance plan and allow your metabolism to react properly, especially if you are insulin resistant!

What’s going to happen while I transition off? In each stage, you strategically eliminate ShiftSetGo food with specific types of whole foods to replace it. In Stage 2, you will still lose a bit of weight. It won’t be as fast as Stage 1 , but once you reach your goal and move into the second stage, it gives you a nice little buffer for maintenance. In Stage 3, you may gain a bit of weight. This is normal and expected, and is only because you are filling your glucose “carb” tank up again that you lost in the first week. Your weight will go up enough to fill your glucose tank and then stop. It shouldn’t go past your goal weight if you transitioned properly and didn’t just skip straight to maintenance.

Stage 3 (our maintenance stage) looks a little bit different for everyone. You will discover more about what your plan will look like in your first maintenance coaching appointment. Your coach will take the time to go over everything and answer any questions you may have during this appointment. Committing to your maintenance appointments is what will keep you at your new goal weight!

Did you know?

In maintenance, after a major dietary deviation, you should do one day of Stage 1 of the ShiftSetGo program.

Recipe of the Week!

BBQ Chicken Salad

Salad mixing of your choice
6-8 oz grilled chicken
1 bag ShiftSetGo BBQ Crisp

1. Prepare salad vegetables.
2. Grill the chicken.
3. Smash up your BBQ crisps and sprinkle over the salad.
4. Toss ingredients together with your favorite WF dressing.