Weekly Wisdom

Topic 17:


After being on Stage 1 for a while, it’s easy to think you’ve got the drill down.

Here are some basic staples to get you back to basics:
• Remember to keep weighing and measuring your food. It’s easy to start eyeballing how much protein and veggies we get. Over time, the amounts of protein and veggies we are eating may slowly begin to become too much- making us start to lose less each week, or they can begin to decrease- making us hungrier than usual.
• Remember to get the appropriate amount of oil and sea salt. Having too little or too much of either will affect your weight loss. Headaches? Get in even more sea salt!
• WATER=WEIGHT LOSS. Be sure to get at least 80 ounces, and if you aren’t in the hydrated zone with your hydration, aim for half your body weight in ounces of water.
• Be careful not to creep in too many reserved vegetables! The natural sugars in those add up more than you think. These vegetables are listed as reserved due to their higher score on the glycemic index.
• The most important advice we can give is to keep coming into your weekly appointments. Checking in with your coach is extremely valuable. The purpose of coaching is to hold yourself accountable and learn how your body is reacting.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or to accept the responsibility for change.

Did you know?

It is easier to achieve weight loss than to maintain weight loss because it is a natural process to gain weight, not lose weight. It is important to reset the pendulum every year.

Recipe of the Week!

Mixed Berry Oat Waffles

1 ShiftSetGo Mixed Berry Smoothie Mix (dry)
1 ShiftSetGo Maple Oatmeal (dry)
¼ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp vanilla extract
⅓ C liquid egg whites
2 Tbsp skim milk

1. In medium bowl, mix together dry ingredients.
2. Add liquid ingredients, stir to mix.
3. Spray heated waffle iron with cooking spray before adding waffle batter.
4. Bake according to manufacturer directions. Makes 2-4 waffles.
5. Top with WF syrup of choice.
Serving size: 2 Shift meals