Weekly Wisdom

Topic 14:


We all experience it- the friends, family members, or even complete strangers that seem to bring us down while we are trying to stay excited about creating a healthy lifestyle change. This external negativity is when we start to create all sorts of sabotaging thoughts in our minds. Stay positive and remember that often if someone else is overly critiquing your eating habits, it may mean they either don’t understand or that they themselves are also judging the foods they use to nourish their bodies. Often people take their feelings of themselves and project them onto others.

When you encounter food pushers, remind yourself, “It’s not my responsibility to make others feel good about what they eat and drink, but it IS my responsibility to make healthy choices that make me feel good.” Turning down food doesn’t mean you’re telling food pushers not to eat or drink something, so it’s not your responsibility if they then ultimately decide to change their eating as a result of you saying no.” -Beck Diet Solutions

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Did you know?

When grocery shopping, one should follow these tips: Never go to the store hungry, always have a precise shopping list, and shop primarily around the perimeter where fresh produce and most proteins are found.

Recipe of the Week!


1 packet ShiftSetGo Homestyle Pancake Mix
Garlic and other seasonings

1. Mix pancake mix with water so it is thick and spread on a cookie sheet.
2. Add sea salt, garlic, and other seasonings (dill weed, pepper, etc.) on crackers.
3. Bake at 350℉ until brown and crisp.