Weekly Wisdom

Topic 13:


Traveling on ShiftSetGo doesn’t have to be hard! While oftentimes traveling means a lot of unplanned restaurants and meals, make sure you are prepared. Bring extra Walden Farms salad dressing packets to have so you can order at a restaurant. And try to keep quick and easy ShiftSetGo meals with you at all times like a Fluffy Nutter Bar or BBQ Crisps. Don’t be afraid to ask for a special protein and veggie order. Even most airlines can prepare a special meal for you if you plan ahead!

If you’re used to associating travel with food indulgence, try thinking of ShiftSetGo as the way you take care of and treat yourself. Imagine how amazing reaching your goal will be, and knowing that traveling supported those goals and did not sabotage or minimize them. Try getting a massage or seeing a performance, or exploring the scenery as a way to “treat yourself” instead of reaching for food. You deserve it!

Be sure to tell whomever you are traveling with ahead of time that you are on ShiftSetGo and will have a restricted diet. Tell them what you need to be successful. If you need to avoid bakeries, tell them that. They can go by themselves, or maybe they will avoid them with you, and you all can leave lighter than when you got there! Or you could all check out a coffee shop instead! Even after Stage 1 , there will always be situations that pop up around unhealthy foods. Think of this as good practice for maintenance to learn how to stand up for your health goals with others by asking for support in making better food choices.

Did you know?

It is sometimes more difficult to lose weight the second time with the same program because we are not in the same psychological state that we may have been in the first time. Once the emergency is over priorities change and you are not as psyched.

Recipe of the Week!

Spiced Chai Tea

8-10 oz water
1 Bengal Spice tea bag
1 cinnamon stick (optional)
4 oz ShiftSetGo Vanilla Ready To Go
1-2 tsp Walden Farms
Marshmallow Dip

1. Steep tea bag in hot water for 2-4 minutes.
2. Remove tea bag and stir in Vanilla Ready-to-Go Drink.
3. Add cinnamon stick and Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip.