Weekly Wisdom

Topic 10:


By now, not only can you see results, but you may feel a difference too. Your body is changing, you’re feeling ambitious, and you may be thinking about adding exercise to accelerate your weight loss. Before you hit the streets with your new running sneakers, remember our goal is not just to lose weight but to lose fat. Exercise, when not done correctly, can stall your weight loss and decrease your muscle mass.

If you want to add exercise while on ShiftSetGo, it’s time for Shift Fit!

1. What’s different about the Shift Fit plan?
If you plan to start exercising at a level where you cannot keep up a conversation, you will want to begin the Shift Fit program. Our Fit program’s main difference is that you will be adding a ShiftSetGo BCAA supplement each day you exercise and a Healthy Fat serving from our select list, including the Shift Fuel bar.

2. Monitor your lean mass.
The main concern when starting a new exercise program while on ShiftSetGo is the loss of lean mass. It’s crucial to continue your weekly coaching appointments to monitor the lean mass via our medical body composition to avoid loss of lean mass.

3. Record all exercise in your journal.
Keep your coach informed by recording your exercise so we can identify the source of any potential stalls.

Did you know?

Essential amino acids are found mostly in animal proteins.
Try our BCAA’s for additional amino acid support and muscle sparing!
They are also great for muscle building!

Recipe of the Week!

Peach Cobbler Shake

12 oz water
1 Packet ShiftSetGo Peach Mango Drink Mix
Crushed or cubed ice (optional)
1 Packet ShiftSetGo Vanilla Pudding/Shake
Cinnamon to taste

Add all ingredients to a shaker or blender. Shake or blend and sprinkle with cinnamon.