Virtual Coaching FAQ’s

The best way to connect with our virtual coaching team is via email at

Each virtual coach has their own zoom link. The link is in your appointment confirmation email. If you do not see it, please search your spam/junk folder for If you still cannot find it, please email our virtual coaching team at

You can download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play.
Once you download the app, log in with the email you used when you signed up for ShiftSetGo program. The first time you log in, you’ll need to reset your password and you will be good to go! You’ll then be able to quickly sync your ShiftSetGo scale, easily track your meals in the journal, conveniently search our library of recipes, and watch your progress.
If you have questions, please email us at hello@

Once you’ve downloaded the ShiftSetGo app and logged in, no additional setup is needed to use the ShiftSetGo scale. At the bottom of the app, you’ll notice a round + button. Tapping that button will reveal 5 quick action buttons. Tapping the scale button triggers your phone to start looking for a Bluetooth signal from the scale. Simply step on the scale, allow it to complete the measurements, then either save the weigh-in or take another measurement.

Troubleshooting: If the app is unable to connect to the scale, it’s likely that your phone is not allowing the ShiftSetGo app to access Bluetooth. When originally installing the app, it should have prompted you to allow access to things like Bluetooth, Apple Health, etc. Verify the app has access to Bluetooth by going into the phone settings, accessing the settings for the ShiftSetGo app, then turn on the Bluetooth option.

If you have any further issues, please email us at

Your virtual new start kit included your first two weeks of ShiftSetGo food. Ten days after starting your program, you will receive an email with instructions to set up your ongoing subscription. Once you receive this email, you will want to set this up to avoid a disruption in your subscription. While you can select from recurring shipping options of 1-4 weeks, we recommend every 4 weeks. This option helps ensure you don’t run out of food and is the only frequency option with free shipping.

It’s important to note that a subscription is required to be on Stage 1 of the ShiftSetGo program. When you successfully move to Stage 3, coaching is complimentary.

To start (or restart) your subscription, click HERE or visit our shop page by clicking “SHOP” at the top of this page. From there, hover over “more items” in the navigation and choose Subscription Box. You can also simply search the shop page for “subscription box”.

Once on the Subscription Box product page, choose your desired delivery frequency of 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks of food and click customize my box. You will be directed to choose the items you’d like to include in your initial subscription box.

After a preset amount of time (depending on your delivery frequency), you’ll receive an email notifying you that your subscription is renewing in a few days. You can then follow the link in the email to log into your ShiftSetGo Shop account and change the contents of your next delivery. If you don’t make any changes by the time the subscription renews, you’ll receive the same contents that you received the prior month.

*An active subscription is required for weekly Stage 1 coaching appointments.

We strive to ship orders out within one business day. When you place an order you will be sent a tracking email. If you don’t receive an email, check your spam and junk folders. It can also be helpful to whitelist and or add these emails to your safe senders list. If you still don’t see an email from us, please contact us at so we can look into it for you.


For the best results, you’ll want to have someone take four photos of you. Front, back, and each side.
Make sure to leave good spacing on all sides—don’t cut off feet, the top of your head, or be in too tight on the sides. A simple, blank background that provides contrast to your clothes is best. For example, if you’re wearing light clothing, try to get your pictures against a dark background. Take a progress picture of all 4 sides every 8 weeks. Your coach will remind you when it’s time. Send each batch of photos to your coach, and we will compile them like the image below.


To help better track changes as you move through the program, you need to take measurements of various locations on your body. You need to take the first set of measurements when you take your initial photos. You’ll then do measurements every 8 weeks when you do your progress photos. Accurately measuring certain areas can be challenging to do on your own—like each arm—so it’s best if you can have someone measure you. Remember to try and measure in the same spot each time to get the most accurate comparison.

The locations you need to measure are:
Chest, waist, hip, arm, thigh

Absolutely! As a ShiftSetGo member, you have access to our private Facebook group. In this group, you’ll find additional support from ShiftSetGo coaches and thousands of other members who are all at various stages of their weight loss journey. Some have successfully completed our program and others are currently working their way through it. No matter where you are on your journey, this community is a valuable resource for even more recipes, tips, strategies, and tools!

You can find a growing library of delicious recipes on our website. There are also a number of tasty recipes members create and share in our Facebook support group.