ShiftSetGo VIP Program

Once you successfully reach maintenance (Stage 3) of the ShiftSetGo program, you will automatically be enrolled in our VIP program. Beginning the day you have your initial maintenance appointment, your purchases will start building toward your VIP tier discount.

VIP Tiers

Every purchase you make in maintenance will bring you closer to the next discount VIP tier, the more you spend the more you save!

Our VIP program is for clients that successfully complete the ShiftSetGo program and are in Stage 3.

Successfully completing the program means a client has gone through Stage 1 to their weight or health goal, gone through the three weeks of Stage 2, and completed their initial Stage 3 appointment.

Once you reach stage 3, every purchase you make builds toward each VIP tier. As a VIP, you can earn up to 20% off!

Your purchases will start accumulating after you have had your initial maintenance appointment. From there, every purchase gets you closer to a higher VIP tier and discount. As your total Stage 3 spending gets you to a new tier, you will be at that status for life!

Everything! Your VIP discount applies to everything offered at ShiftSetGo, both in-clinic and online!

*Each clinic is independently owned and operated and not all may participate in our VIP program.