Program Extras

Each serving is 1 serving of an extra. No more than 4 extras per day.

Allowed (click + symbol to expand)


Vegetable, chicken, and beef broths are allowed as long as they do not contain any ingredients not allowed on the ShiftSetGo program and no sugar. A clean brand is Pacific, or you can boil your own bone broth.

Feta Cheese (FIT only)

On Stage 1 FIT, cheese is an allowed healthy fat serving. Serving size is on your healthy fat & complex carb sheet.

Ice Chips

These are allowed one serving per day (2 chips). These are allowed because they are made with Xylitol which is a sugar alcohol that does not raise your blood sugar. Caution with Xylitol, too much can cause GI issues.

Kelp Noodles

Kelp noodles are ok as long as they don’t have added sugars. Keep the carbs as low as you can find. Counts as an extra serving.

Nick's Sticks

These are a clean meat stick. They come in six varieties. Each package has two sticks and counts as 2oz of protein in your day. One package is allowed per day.

Prima Kitchen Dressing/Marinade

These dressings have no sugar and overall clean ingredients. The carbs are natural from the tomato. These dressings are ok to use but it is best to not also have a 1-A-Day on the same day as eating these dressings.

Thera-Flu Tea

 If it is all 0 (no fat, carbs, sugar, etc) then yes. Avoid syrups like NyQuil, capsules are best.

Walden Farms

All varieties of Walden Farms are allowed on Stage 1. Each variety has a different servings size, one serving (per serving size) is one extra.

Bulletproof Coffee Grounds

The ground coffee is fine on Stage 1 of ShiftSetGo, all other bullet proof products contain too much fat and are not allowed.

Healthy Noodles

These are noodles made with Shirataki plan. They are allowed once per day. One serving is one extra.

Jicama Wraps

Count as vegetable serving.

Millie's Broth

These are allowed because they are made with clean vegetable ingredients as a broth. One bag is one serving.

Palmini Linguini

These “noodles” can be eaten as your veggie, heart of palm is on the Stage 1 list.

Pur Gum

This gum is allowed because it’s sweetened with Xylitol which is a sugar alcohol that does not raise your blood sugar. Caution with Xylitol, too much can cause GI issues.

Two pieces of gum is one serving, one serving is one extra.

Ultima Water Enhancers

These are allowed in unlimited quantities and do not need to be counted as one of your daily 4 extras. These are an electrolyte to replenish your hydration.

Egg Wraps

This is great to use to wrap your meat in with some mustard, use an avocado mayo as your oil, or an egg and salsa wrap.

Egg Thins

These are allowed as an extra as all ingredients are allowed on program. One serving is one extra.

Heavy Whipping Cream (FIT only)

Only on Shift FIT, use as a healthy fat serving.

Jordan's Skinny Syrup

All Jordan’s Skinny Syrups that are “all 0’s” meaning no carbs, no calories, no fat, no sugar, etc are allowed. One serving is one extra.

Miracle Noodles

These are noodles made with Shirataki plant. They are allowed once per day. One serving is one extra.

Pickled Asparagus

You can make your own or look for store-bought without any added sugar.

Sweet Leaf Drops (Stevia Drops)

These are water, coffee, and tea flavorings made with Stevia. They are allowed on Stage 1. One serving is one extra.

Voss Sparkling Water

Yes, as long as the sparkeling water doesn't have added sugar, flavors or carbs. Should be all 0's

Zevia Soda

Consume sparingly and get more water. Count as an “extra” and no more than 4 servings of extras per day. Use a flavor with no sugar and no carbs.

Not allowed (click + symbol to expand)

Braggs Organic Vinaigrette

This is not stage 1 friendly for the calories, carbs etc. No vinagrettes.

Cilantro Lime Shrimp (Costco)

This contains canola oil, sugar, and a few other items we are avoiding on stage 1.

Delecata Squash

Delecata squash has too many carbs and is too high on the glycemic index for Stage 1.

Go Veggie Cheese

This contains canola oil, potato starch and has carbs in it. 

Keto Bars

These are too high in fat. A traditional keto bar will have a higher fat content and not a good fit on Stage 1.

Kirkland Salsa

Avoid salsa with sugar in the ingredients list. We have found that the Pace brand doesn’t add sugar but always check the label before you buy.

MCT Oils

MCT oil is a medium chain triglyceride such as coconut oil. These are not allowed on Stage 1 as it’s too much of the medium chain fat (aka too high in fat for the program). These are good options in maintenance. If you are already in ketosis you won't need a product like this to help you stay there.

Rebel Ice Cream

This is very high in fat. Remember “Keto Friendly” does not mean it's approved for Stage 1. Might be an ok option in maintenance but not in Stage 1.

Celcuis Drinks

This brand has extra carbs. Look for products with lower carb counts.

Coconut Bai Drink

These all seem to contain a sweetner blend that is adding to the carb/sugar count.

Flock Chicken Chips

The soybean oil they use is hydrogenated. Save them for GO stage.

Green Powders

These are not necessary on the program and contain ingredients not allowed on Stage 1 (such as fruits) and will add unnecessary carbs.

Keto Coffee Creamers

These are typically high in fat and not a good fit for Stage 1. Try using your 1 oz of milk option or your ShiftSetGo Ready to Go drink.

Kitu Super Protein

These have MTC oil which is not on Stage 1, MCT is coconut oil which isn't approved for stage 1.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast contains a few carbs which are unnecessary in Stage 1.

Sugar Free Lotus

This contains 2g sugar and 2g carbs.

Chia Seeds

These contain too much fat and carbs for Stage 1. These are great for maintenance.

Corn Starch

Corn is not allowed on Stage 1.

Fresh Additions Chicken Bites (Costco)

These have canola oil, potato starch and rice starch in the ingredients.

Gyro Meat

Most Gyro meat contains added wheat (extra carbs)

Keto Ice Cream

To date we have not found any brands of keto ice cream that would be good to use on Stage 1. These are great options for maintenance but contain too much fat and a little sugar or carbs that should not be consumed in Stage 1.

Mayonnaise (MAYBE)

This depends on the ingredients. A brand with avocado oil as the base, such as a Primal Kitchen Mayo could be used as your daily oil allowance. Avoid any mayo with sugar or hydrogenated oils.

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

There is juice in this which makes it higher in carbs. Use the ShiftSetGo BCAA!

Wilde Chips

These contain tapioca flour and other ingredients we aren't consuming on Stage 1.