“I’ve learned a lot, and really believe I have healthier lifetime habits and knowledge to keep me successful!”

Ann – Lost 50 lbs with ShiftSetGo!

Do You Know the Top 7 Reasons
People Want to Lose Weight Quickly?

  1. They just want to fit into their clothes again, the way they did before having kids, or while they were in college, or high school. Everyone does!
  2. They’re prepping for a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding, or birthday. It’s true, “pictures last forever!”
  3. They’re pre-diabetic, and they know it isn’t too late to make healthy changes. If you’re like this, our program is for you.
  4. They simply want to feel more comfortable in their own skin, not be afraid of the grocery store scale, and travel more comfortably.
  5. They’ve been asked to lose weight before a surgery (such as knee replacement or hip surgery).
  6. Their doctor recommends they get weight loss surgery, and they have to be ready for or even possibly prevent surgery. You have options we can discuss.
  7. They want to look more appealing and command more respect from others (especially a spouse or loved one).

Whatever the reason you yourself might have, we are here to help you feel your best, so you can live the life you’ve always wanted, whether that’s playing with your grandchildren or learning how to cross country ski.

Click the button below to schedule your FREE no-obligation consultation to see if we are a fit for you. You’ll find we’ll work with you to achieve your goal starting from your very first visit!

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Some of Our Patients Have Been Nervous About Losing Weight…

And of What Their Friends and Family Would Think if They Found Out.

We understand! Your Friends Will Never Guess How You Lost the Weight! 

Our program is 100% private (unless YOU want to share it). Our staff is warm and welcoming. We all work as part of your personal success team.

You won’t feel judged, and we’ll guide you with gentle pushes of encouragement.Your week didn’t go so great? Don’t worry about it! We’re all human…

My favorite part is definitely the coaches. There have been several times that I didn’t want to come in because I was upset with myself and the fact that I did not stay on plan. The coaches are never judgmental and are very understanding. They remind me that this is a journey.”

Lainie B.
(Lost 111 lbs with Shift SetGo*)

* Results of individuals. Typical results vary up to 6 and 8 pounds lost during the first two weeks and up to 2-5 pounds per week thereafter when the ShiftSetGo program is followed properly. Consult your healthcare provider before starting this or any other diet program.

We specialize in helping members lose 50 pounds or more

If you want to lose that last 10 lbs you have dramatically different needs than if you need to lose 50 lbs or 150 lbs.

That’s why, every detail of the ShiftSetGo weight loss program is customized for your specific needs. 

These are no cut-and-paste solutions that apply to “everyone.”

Ask yourself these questions:

Have you ever worked closely with your own coach, to meet one-on-one every week, to maintain a dietary regimen?

Once you’ve reached your target weight, have you ever had personalized help to introduce whole foods back into your diet to replace dietary meals and put the healthy habits you’ve learned into action?

Have you ever had a community that will be there for you each step of the way; a coach that will continue to meet with you twice a month for the first year and monthly after that, and lifetime access to the network of people you’ve met along your journey?

Find yourself answering “no” to these questions? 

If so, you’re invited to schedule your FREE consultation with our coaches and start getting the support you deserve and need to truly lose weight quickly –AND keep it off.

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I have discovered what it takes for me to be healthy and have confidence that I can keep it up!”

– Michael F.
(Lost 90 lb. with ShiftSetGo)

Our Program is Not Just Another Fad Diet… Here’s Why?

Our Coaches

One-on-one coaching sessions to help you stay on track.

Our coaches are with you every step of the way, holding you accountable without judgment. Not only are our coaches experts who genuinely care about you and your goals, but many of them have even completed the program themselves.

Easy 3-Step Program

  1. Shift your weight and mindset to achieve weight loss goals
  2. Set the stage by stabilizing your habits and introducing whole foods back into your diet once you’ve achieved your weight goal
  3. Go into maintenance and continue to see your coach for life to help maintain your healthy habits

Lifetime Success!

This program was designed to create lasting success.

We empower our members with the tools and a support system to take with you long after you’ve achieved your goals. Once you’re part of the ShiftSetGo community, you’ll always be part of us.

Before ShiftSetGo, I had tried every other diet there is and hadn’t been able to successfully lose the weight. I am now able to work all day without having to stop because of back pain!”

– Kim C.
(Lost 47 lb. with ShiftSetGo)

Transformation in 3 Steps

No matter how much weight you need to lose, this program is designed to help you not just lose the weight, but keep it off for good.



It all starts with a Shift. During the Shift stage, you’ll not only Shift your weight, but Shift the way you think about food as well. With our perfect combination of world class coaching and Shift meal program, you’ll launch your body into fat burning mode.



Once you’ve completed your Shift and achieved your weight loss goals, it’s time to Set! The Set stage helps you stabilize the healthy new habits you developed during your Shift by slowly removing Shift meals and replacing them with whole foods.



ShiftSetGo has developed the best maintenance program in the industry. You’ll continue to see your coach twice a month for the balance year and monthly for life to help maintain those healthy habits so you can GO try new recipes GO try new activities and GO take on that life you were meant to live!

Your ShiftSetGo Membership Includes…

As with all the preventive care provided at ShiftSetGo, we treat the whole you:


The tools, ongoing advice, and strategies to develop and stick with healthy habits.


Expert guidance and inspiration when the unexpected strikes to keep you on track.


One-on-one support with an experienced, world-class coach so that you’re never alone.


Relief from the burden of planning, evaluating, and designing a program.


Encouraging, uplifting, and specialized dialogue to keep you on track.


Expert knowledge and skills to help you set clear, achievable goals.


Individualized feedback to help keep you on track and focused.


Support at your fingertips, whenever or wherever, you need it.

Sharing Success Stories!

Shan MShan M
20:50 23 Jul 22
SO much more than what I thought I signed up for! I honestly joined the shift set go program to loose that last 10+ lbs of vanity weight I put on the last few years.Theresa has been such a great coach, encouraging me and helping figure out my stalls along the way. Not only have I lost the vanity weight and then some I have developed new habits & have more energy than I have ever had in my life (I’m not exaggerating) I thought I suffered from chronic fatigue along with my ADHD (I was diagnosed combined type : hyperactive and inattentive) . I feel like the inattentive site has completely resolved by simply eating properly. It is crazy how much food has made a difference in my overall mental & physical state . I feel so great I don’t ever want to go back to eating the sugar & junk I used to! Thank you guys ! I’m letting everyone know about your program 💕
Shari MarieShari Marie
20:03 06 Jun 22
MyShiftSetGo( Smokey Point)My daughter joined “ShiftSetGo” last year and lost 100lb ! So when I came to the point of needing to make a healthy change in my life, I turned to my daughter for more details about this “ ShiftSetGo “ It definitely got my attention and my curiosity. Altho i went into this unsure if it was right for me, I found that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. ShiftSetGo has changed my life! Not only have I lost 40lbs so far but my A1-C went from 6.5 (prediabetic) to a healthy 4.9 My bloating is gone , the swelling in my feet and ankles went down and my self-esteem went up.I love my coach, Teresa! I think we are a good fit. Surprisingly, It’s kinda nice to have someone to talk to. Shes encouraging, uplifting, reassuring and she laughs at my jokes. She’s far from being judgmental when I screw up, (or even when I buy “another” box of dessert bars.) Im very comfortable and relaxed around her. I feel fortunate to have her as my coach.My ShiftSetGo also has light therapy that I’m considering. Deb, who is in charge of that, is very informative. She speaks in layman’s terms so I understand exactly what she’s saying and know what it can do for me. Most importantly, she’s not pushy. She’s pulley. In other words, she “pulls” you in by her friendliness, knowledge and how she can help you.Well I could go on and on about my ShiftSetGo (my life time supporters) but then it would be a book and I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending. Altho I think you already know how it ends…And she lived healthy and happily ever after 🙂
Alice HAlice H
02:44 23 May 22
I’m a client from Smokey point location, it’s a great program with many delicious food choices. The staff are all very professional and supportive in every way!I appreciate their positive attitude always keeping meMotivated and on track. Program works as long as you follow the program! Love my coach Theresa and appreciate all her info for a healthier me! Thanks again for your support.
Dawne WentworthDawne Wentworth
20:35 21 May 22
I’ve appreciated all of the coaches who have helped me. From weekly coaching sessions to Red Light Therapy, they are knowledgeable about all aspects of the program. Theresa is patient and flexible yet still holds me accountable. The program really works if you just commit to it.
Amy WilliamsAmy Williams
22:28 17 May 22
Jennifer has been a great coach! I really enjoy my check-in appointments each week. The Shift, Set, Go program works. If you follow the plan you WILL lose weight. It’s exciting and energizing to take control of my body!

Some Real Patient Transformations

Emily Countryman, ShiftSetGo Owner

Emily Countryman is the CEO and founder of ShiftSetGo, a Washington State-based chain of weight loss clinics that serve clients in-person locally and across the country virtually. 

The seed of inspiration was planted in 2011 when Emily set out to lose 15 pounds of pregnancy weight one summer. Hopeful that the expert-recommended “eat less and move more” philosophy would quickly work its magic, Emily was frustrated to end the summer down only three pounds. It wasn’t until Emily discovered nutritional ketosis and figured out macros that she lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. 

Because of her own success, Emily is passionate about educating other women (men too!) on losing weight and maintaining that goal weight. Since opening the doors of ShiftSetGo, Emily’s team has helped thousands of clients lose over one hundred thousand pounds with their 3-part ShiftSetGo program. ShiftSetGo now has six locations and is currently growing its virtual weight loss coaching staff.

Emily has worked in the healthcare industry since 2003 and is determined to make a better future for the next generation, believing that our society can end the obesity pandemic with the proper education and information. Emily is a certified weight loss coach and a board certified holistic health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

What is the Pound-For-A-Pound program?

We are committed to helping those less fortunate in our local communities get the food they need. Through our Pound-For-A-Pound program, we are proud to donate one pound of food to a local food bank for every pound our members lose.

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