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Theresa Ferron

I was born in Wisconsin, and raised between Eastern North Carolina and San Diego. I have been blessed enough to have been a stay home parent to four amazing little humans, who have helped me hone my skills in empathy, patience, and communication. I have also had to learn the importance of providing lovingly firm guidance toward good choices.  

When all my kids were old enough to be independent, I started looking for a job that would help fill my now overly-abundant time! I have always been drawn toward helping people. With an educational background in physiological psychology, I understand how our physical health affects our psychological well-being and was thrilled to begin working with ShiftSetGo!  

As a wellness coach, I love helping people find their “Ah-hah” moments, move toward their goals, and realize their own strength. As I continue to learn how the program affects the body and mind, my pride in what I do keeps increasing! This program works, and the physical and psychological effects are beautiful to witness.  

As a red-light tech, I enjoy providing the more relaxing experience of red-light therapy. I love the weight loss aspect, increased collagen production, and the reduction in inflammation. The mental benefits of taking 30 minutes to pamper yourself are divine too! 

Jennifer Barnes

I began my weight loss journey in February 2019 after gaining a considerable amount of weight the previous few years due to a medical condition and medication. When I finally found the ShiftSetGo program I was thrilled. I was finally able to lose the weight I had gained plus more! I am now much healthier and happier, and have a passion for a healthy lifestyle. ShiftSetGo has literally changed my life! 

Deborah Johnson

I have come to ShiftSetGo due to a desire to help people take back their health.   

The first time I remember being in charge of my own health was when a surgeon told me I needed a gallbladder operation. Not being fond of surgery, I looked up the cause of my condition and stopped eating all forms of fat. It has been 21 years and no surgery.   

I’ve managed to stay off all forms of medications by staying in tune with my body. I find healthy foods, exercise, and supplements to be the key. 

I look forward to being a part of our members’ health journey!