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Jim Brockmeyer


I was born and raised in Kent, WA, and have lived in Bothell with my family of four for 31 years. I love to cook, garden, learn, exercise, camp, and do a thousand other things. 

Since graduating from WSU, I have worked in the health and wellness industry, in the Puget Sound Region, for 35 years. I have maintained my certifications through The American College of Sports Medicine as Exercise Physiologist and Health/Fitness Director. I have worked with all populations in health, fitness, and wellness at many organizations such as PRO Sports Club, Regence Blue Shield, Covenant Shores Retirement Community, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  

Teaching, motivating, and inspiring people to lose excess weight is the single most effective way I can help them look and feel better and live longer. I love “seeing the lights come on” in people’s faces as they realize, for the first time, why they became overweight and what they need to do to reverse it and stay healthy for the rest of their lives. Sharing my education and experience is the greatest pleasure of my career. 

Cristina Jordan

The struggle is very real. I get it. Growing up in a military family we had restrictive eating habits.  I was obsessed with food as a child, and when I became an adult, I finally had the freedom to choose whatever I wanted. I moved in 1995 to Seattle from Missoula, MT. after getting out of the military myself. I quickly fell into an unhealthy lifestyle burdened by social influences and bad eating habits. That lifestyle caught up with me, and when I obtained a job as a bus driver, the sedentary lifestyle allowed me to gain forty extra pounds. On a 4’10” frame I was severely obese. That started making me mentally unhealthy and I had to change.

I made the effort to lose weight on my own, but I struggled to get the last 20 lbs. off, so I hired a personal trainer. With help, I went well beyond my weight loss goals and ended up competing in a body-building competition at the age of 38, with a trophy in hand. I wasn’t going to stop winning. Moving forward I became a Certified Personal Trainer, started my own gym, and helped others who struggled with weight loss or just wanted to better themselves. I loved training and educating my clients. They now know what I know which is very empowering to them. Results are not always forthcoming though. You can be successful but not perfect. Hop on that horse and try again.

That is why I think working as a Wellness Coach for ShiftSetGo is very rewarding. As coaches, we give the clients the tools to overcome their struggles. We will take our knowledge and experience, and share it with our clients, making their experience just as rewarding and empowering.