Reset Your Metabolism, Reset Your Life.

Pressing the reset button on your metabolism may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be

At its simplest, it’s all about rebalancing your blood sugar, allowing your body’s systems to stabilize, and providing consistent nourishment through nutrient-dense food. Our 3-Day Metabolic Reset Kit does just that while also being easy to follow and effortless to implement. 

This kit is structured to provide you with accountability and the tools to track your progress over three consecutive days. The included guide will help you focus each day on a specific topic to concentrate on and logs to track food, activity, and water intake. We want you to succeed, so we’ll also help you be aware of positive changes, including non-scale victories. 

There are three key components to successfully resetting your metabolism—hydration, proper nutrition, and nutritional support. This kit tackles each of these foundational elements to make it easy, straightforward, and incredibly effective.  


One of the most important components of weight loss is drinking enough water. Staying adequately hydrated has been shown to increase your metabolism, deliver nutrients to cells, improve sleep quality, and help you feel fuller longer. The more water you drink, the better your reset will be. 


The 3-Day Metabolic Reset Kit comes with ShiftSetGo meals to help your body Shift to a healthier balance. You’ll be consuming these throughout each day. You’ll also enjoy a meal of whole foods consisting of 3 to 4 ounces of lean protein and 2 cups of vegetables.  

We also provide you with over a dozen recipes to get you inspired and take the guesswork out of shopping with a handy grocery list. 

Reset Support

Resetting your metabolism, and losing body fat, calls for an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients such as antioxidants and amino acids. These nutrients play critical roles in reducing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and maintaining energy levels. In addition to enjoying nutrient-dense foods during this program, the 3-Day Metabolic Reset Kit helps fill in the nutritional gaps by including ShiftSetGo Fuel Bars and Cherry Gelatin.

Benefits of doing a 3-day metabolic reset:

  • Gain better energy
  • Jump-start weight loss
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Enjoy delicious high-quality protein meals
  • Follow a convenient and easy meal plan

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